The Laval Virtual Awards

Promoting VR/AR professionals and their innovations

The Laval Virtual Awards ceremony was held on Thursday 21st March 2019 at the Théâtre de Laval. It acknowledges projects spanning 11 categories: six in the general competition, 3 in the ReVolution category, 1 in the Recto Vrso category and 1 Grand Prize! This ceremony enabled initial trends to be identified in the VR/AR sector. It also serves as a showcase for the variety of uses of immersive technologies applicable to the professional sphere.

A jury of international experts

Over 400 entries

Over 400 entries were received for the 2019 edition after launching the call for competition. 94 of them were selected from the various categories. In the end, three projects were chosen per category for the general competition, and as many for the ReVolution categories. The winner of each category was chosen by a jury of international experts in the field of immersive technologies.

Laval Virtual Awards 2019 Grand Prize

Orbital Views

The Laval Virtual Awards Grand Prize 2019 goes to the French team from Orbital Views with their unique experience, Apollo Moon Operations. By providing an opportunity to relive Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, they won the Grand Jury Prize at the Laval Virtual Awards award ceremony, a prize that recognises the most innovative solution both in terms of content and technique. This collaborative and multiplayer experience thrilled many over the course of the five-day fair.

VR for productivity


Innoactive, a German company, has developed software dedicated to entreprise collaboration, to notably train new employees remotely through virtual reality, but also so that all employees can collaborate even if they are hundreds or even thousands of miles from each other. The firm also offers functions to present products in augmented reality. It won the award in the category ‘VR/AR for productivity’.

VR/AR for Safety and Improvement of Work Environment

HRV Simulation

With "Nawo" HRV Simulation proposes reviewing the ergonomics of the workstations in your production environment and identifying why some people develop musculoskeletal disorders. Nawo is a virtual reality simulator enabling work conditions to be improved by addressing and enhancing the ergonomics of work stations through virtual tests while identifying and preventing the risks of musculoskeletal disorders."Nawo" is a motion capture and ergonomics assessment system that generates reports enforcing RULA regulations.

VR/AR for Learning and Training


Dec-Industrie proposes a simulator intended for BAC Pro marketing and sales students so that they can learn to inspect a shop, clean a retail space, display new products, etc. The application also enables feedback to be left regarding the experiences and therefore the work of the apprentice to be evaluated so that areas for improvement can be identified. The activities in this scenario correspond to the national education competency framework, and will be automatically evaluated during the scenario so as to provide information about user performance at the end.

VR/AR for Marketing & Sales

Inod Solution

The French startup INOD has implemented a solution for the property market. InodView enables industry professionals to present their projects, before they are even built, by developing 360° virtual reality visits themselves. It is a way of making it a more emotional and better experience for clients who can then project themselves more easily. INOD received the Laval Virtual Award in the category ‘VR/AR for Marketing and Sales’.

VR/AR for Data Visualization & Decision-Making

Trimble Connect

The awards recognised several solutions intended for the business world. These included, Trimble Connect, an augmented reality solution for the construction industry. This project, awarded in the category ‘VR/AR for data visualization and decision-making’, enabling workers to review their 3D models overlaid in context of the physical environment, visible through a Microsoft HoloLens headset. This service saves time and even enables remote collaboration with clients to better meet their needs.

VR/AR for a cause

Holoforge Interactive

The jury awarded Holoforge Interactive for its experience around Mont Saint-Michel from among a hundred or so projects in the field of humanitarianism, tourism and sport. The experience proposes a mixed reality tour of the monument, on the basis of a plan-relief dating from the 17th century exhibited at the Musée des Plans-Reliefs in Paris.

The 2019 winners of Recto VRso

Eve dance in an unplaceable place

Eve is a girl who makes the encounter between what is real and what is not possible, travelling between dimensions, shaping questions. In this encounter, three random users enter Eve’s body and travel in stories by means of incarnation, a virtual reality experience. Artists: Margherita Bergamo and Daniel Gonzalez Production: Mark Lee & Lucia Candelpergher

ReVolution #Research 2019


There is an experiential gap between people who love VR with a HMD and those who watch it around them. TeleSight provides a cooperation experience with a third party in the real world by reproducing the VR space and the avatar of the VR player using a robot and a projection system. It aims to present a new communication and interaction embodied between the VR player and the third player. A third player can see what is happening in the virtual world through the movement of the robot and the projected vision. Also a third player can embody the interaction with the VR player by means of an avatar robot. Laval Virtual selected this project in the final stage of the IVRC 2018.

ReVolution #Startups

Boarding Ring

Boarding Ring intends to put a permanent stop to motion sickness, VR’s "illness". A specialist in transport solutions, Boarding Ring has adapted its disruptive and efficient approach to virtual reality. Boarding VAR is an add-on component that will fit most VR headsets. It introduces inertial references into the user’s peripheral vision that matches the inner ear’s perception. Sensory conflict is therefore impossible: motion sickness is avoided!

ReVolution #Experiences

Art Plunge

Art Plunge is a gallery where visitors are immersed in famous paintings. It is a short but great experience comprising 5 virtual reality interpretations of the following works: Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo and Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window by Johannes Vermeer.

ReVolution #Students

Demos & Hackathon

ReVolution #Student has carved its place as a leading competition in Europe in immersive technologies.

ReVolution #Student – Demos is a competition which may be on any subject. It gives students and young researchers the opportunity to bring and demonstrate an application that they have developed during their course by using VR/AR technologies. ReVolution #Student – Hackathon is a 30-hour hackathon aimed at schools and held at Laval Virtual. Each team must develop a 3D application in real time on a specific subject. It was on Thursday, April 21, 2019, during the Laval Virtual Party, that the winning teams were rewarded.

Arts et Métiers Paris Tech


ReVolution #Students - Demos awarded pupils from the Arts et Métiers Paris Tech school for a project on which they have worked throughout the year. Their end of year project, Lanterne et Plume, was inspired by classic stories like Alice in Wonderland. One user is immersed in several tales, while another player, who is not submersed in VR, is responsible for creating obstacles and therefore altering the stories in which the first user is immersed. A great achievement resulting in them winning the competition and their place at the IVRC in Japan!

Polytechnique Montréal


The Hackathon subcategory of ReVolution #Students awards a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality application that was developed in 30 hours. The Polytechnique Montréal school received the award for its project “Sign with Me”, a serious game that aims to make learning sign language fun. This project was awarded at the Laval Virtual Party granting the students a spot among the professionals. Once again, the quality of the projects presented by the students has been one of the defining features of this 2019 edition.