Schools: exhibit your VR/AR projects

Win your exhibition space

ReVolution #Students - Demos is a competition that can be on any subject. It gives students or young researchers the opportunity to bring and demonstrate an application that they have developed during their course using VR/AR technologies. The best student projects of the year will be able to exhibit at the heart of the show among Virtual Reality professionals. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.

  • 5 Days of exhibition
  • 12 Schools
  • 12 Projects
  • 1 Winner

Arts et Métiers Paris Tech

Winners 2019

ReVolution #Students - Demos awarded pupils from the Arts et Métiers Paris Tech school for a project on which they have worked throughout the year. Their end of year project, Lanterne et Plume, was inspired by classic stories like Alice in Wonderland. One user is immersed in several tales, while another player, who is not submersed in VR, is responsible for creating obstacles and therefore altering the stories in which the first user is immersed. A great achievement resulting in them winning the competition and their place at the IVRC in Japan!