Discover all the emerging players in the VR/AR sector

Labs and Universities, Startups, Production studios, students

The ReVolution competitions enable cutting edge projects and technologies and pioneering uses of VR/AR to benefit from a real platform for exhibition during Laval Virtual. Between 6 and 20 projects are selected per ReVolution category for their quality and ability to transform the XR sector. They exhibit in ReVolution labelled pavilions at Laval Virtual. The 3 ReVolution categories are: #startups (for technological startups) #Experiences (for production studios that have created cross-technology content) and #Research (for academic or private research projects).

ReVolution #Research - Hall B

A pavilion devoted to University and Laboratory projects

ReVolution #Research is an annual competition for universities and laboratories using Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. During the Laval Virtual show it recognises the best VR projects in the world selected by a jury comprising professionals and scientists. This dedicated Pavilion is one of the most innovative demonstration areas at the exhibition. Laval Virtual is the first step for emerging actors in the field of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality wanting to expand. Discover the future of Virtual Reality!

ReVolution #Experiences - Hall B

A pavilion devoted to crosstech content

ReVolution #Experiences is a competition that takes place at the Laval Virtual show. It is intended for production studios that produce content for Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. This Pavilion is dedicated to creators and developers, as well as VR/AR content producers. It will help you to discover production studios that comply with "Cross Tech", the subject chosen by Laval Virtual this year. A blend of immersive technologies with one or several of these technologies: Vocal recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics, Multi-Sensory Rendering, Blockchain, BCI, Haptics, etc.

ReVolution #Startups - Hall C

A pavilion dedicated to technological innovations

ReVolution #Startups is an annual competition for technological innovation in the realm of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. During Laval Virtual it promotes the world’s best VR projects that have been selected by a jury of professionals. Come and see the new hardware that will shape tomorrow’s VR and uses in your line of business. This competition is dedicated to young innovative companies.

ReVolution #Students - Hall D

A pavilion dedicated to student projects

ReVolution #Students groups together all the schools that took part in the "Demos" competition. It gives students and young researchers the opportunity to bring and show an application, on the subject of their choice, that they have developed during their course using VR/AR technologies. These are therefore the year’s best student projects being that are exhibited at the heart of the show among Virtual Reality professionals.