Discover all the emerging VR/AR players

Laboratories, universities, startups, students

The ReVolution pavilions are the most innovation area of the Laval Virtual exhibition that gathers all the emerging VR/AR players. Cutting-edge solutions and tomorrow’s technologies are presented there. Every year, several projects are selected through the ReVolution competitions.

The winners benefit from an exhibition space during the show. Laval Virtual is a wonderful springboard and accelerator for all these players who explore and transform the VR/AR field!

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The ReVolution competitions of Laval Virtual

Taking part in the ReVolution competitions is an opportunity to win an exhibition space at Laval Virtual. Benefit from an important visibility thanks to the 300+ exhibitions and 18,000+ visitors who come to Europe’s first VR/AR exhibition each year. It’s a great chance to present your solutions, have your VR/AR projects tested and get business opportunities! The 3 categories of the ReVolution competitions are: #Startups, #Research and #Students.