The Laval Virtual competitions

Valorize emerging VR/AR players

The ReVolution competitions provide innovation projects, tomorrow’s technologies or pioneering uses of virtual and augmented reality with an opportunity to exhibit during the Laval Virtual exhibition. In 2021, 150+ exhibitors, 130 speakers and 5,000+ visitors from 30 countries attended Europe’s first VR/AR exhibition. The projects are selected for their quality and ability to transform the immersive field. They will exhibit at Laval Virtual on April 12-14, 2022 in pavilions with the ReVolution label. The 3 categories of the ReVolution competitions are: #Startups, #Research and #Students.

Discover the 2022 Selection

Why participate?

Exhibit at Europe’s first VR/AR exhibition

Laval Virtual is the first step for emerging players of virtual reality and augmented reality who wish to develop. By taking part in the ReVolution competitions, you will have the chance to:

• Win an exhibition space for the 2022 event
• Try to win a Laval Virtual Awards (after presentation to a jury during the exhibition)
• Receive feedbacks from experts by presenting your solutions and your work
• Meet other projects owners to create links, share ideas and even collaborate
• Benefit from an international media exposure

ReVolution competitions 2022 Categories

#Students - Limited Time

30-hour international hackathon, by team, where students must develop a 3D application in real time