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ReVolution #Startups is a competition that takes place at the Laval Virtual show. It is intended for startups using Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. By taking part in this competition, you have the potential to win a free exhibition space at Laval Virtual in a dedicated pavilion designated as the show’s most innovative demonstration area. Laval Virtual is the first step for emerging players in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality who are seeking to grow. Take part in competitions and gain the opportunity to exhibit at the show... and even win an award!

  • 90 applications
  • 20 selected
  • 3 finalists
  • 1 winner

Laval Virtual Awards

A prestigious ceremony

For over twenty years, Laval Virtual Awards has recognised virtual reality and augmented reality projects that help to resolve industrial, commercial issues. It also showcases emerging players in the sector through the ReVolution prizes and showcases the world of digital art with the Recto VRso prize. The awards ceremony will take place at 19:00 on 23rd April 2020 at the Théâtre de Laval (Full Pass holders only). Laval Virtual is the first step for emerging players in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality who want to grow. Come and present your expertise at the #Startups ReVolution competition on the 1st Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality show: Laval Virtual!

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Boarding Ring

Winner 2019

Boarding Ring intends to put a permanent stop to motion sickness, VR’s "illness". A specialist in transport solutions, Boarding Ring has adapted its disruptive and efficient approach to virtual reality. Boarding VAR is an add-on component that will fit most VR headsets. It introduces inertial references into the user’s peripheral vision that matches the inner ear’s perception. Sensory conflict is therefore impossible: motion sickness is avoided!