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Recto VRso

Call for digital art competition

Are you an artist who uses virtual and mixed reality for your creations? Put forward your works to be exhibited at the Art & VR Gallery at the Recto VRso Festival at Laval Virtual (22nd to 26th April 2020), and exchange views and visions on the annual theme ‘real body/virtual body’.

There are two parts to Recto VRso: Art & VR Gallery and the Art Trail.

  • 7500 attendees
  • 60 art works
  • 5 days
  • 1 winner

Art & VR Gallery

Take part in the official exhibition on the theme: "Real body/Virtual body"

Recto VRso is an international art and virtual and mixed reality festival. It exhibits works by artists, researchers, students and explorers who in one way or another examine the medium of virtual and mixed reality, showing another aspect of VR. The artist and researcher Judith Guez, whose aim is to create spaces and discussions around these new art forms that fall between what is real and what is virtual, and to propose various hybrid forms and emergences, created this festival. For this 3rd edition, artists are invited to express themselves on the theme: “Real body/Virtual body”.

Art Itinerary

Take part in the Art Itinerary proposed by the Recto VRso Festival

The art trail values the artistic diversity of the field by inviting renowned artists, students, researchers and collectives to take over various symbolic places: from the Théâtre de Laval to the Bains-Douches, including the Musée d’Art Naïf et des Arts Singuliers, the Perrine Gardens and the Bâteau Lavoir. It enables emerging projects and those in process to be exhibited more openly, leaving room for virtual and mixed reality to be explored as an art medium (residencies, educational projects, partnerships, exhibition, etc.). The works exhibited on the Itinerary are not part of the competition and official exhibition at the Art & VR Gallery.

Eve dance in an unplaceable place

Winner 2019

Eve is a girl who makes the encounter between what is real and what is not possible, travelling between dimensions, shaping questions. In this encounter, three random users enter Eve’s body and travel in stories by means of incarnation, a virtual reality experience. Artists: Margherita Bergamo and Daniel Gonzalez Production: Mark Lee & Lucia Candelpergher

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