Laval Virtual Awards

Promote VR/AR solutions and their innovations

For 20 years, Laval Virtual Awards has recognised virtual reality or augmented reality projects that help solve industrial, commercial, training issues where the challenges are industrial and human. The prize giving ceremony will take place during the "Virtual" 22nd edition of Laval Virtual. To be discovered at the Laval Virtual World from April 22 to 24, 2020.

VR/AR for Productivity

Does your solution improve productivity?

VR/AR for Safety and Improvement of Work Environment

Does your solution contribute to the safety and improvement of the work environment?

VR/AR for Learning and Training

Does your solution encourage learning and training?

VR/AR for Marketing & Sales

Is your solution innovative in terms of marketing and sales?

VR/AR for Data Visualization & Decision-Making

Does your solution enable data visualization and decision-making?

VR/AR for a Cause

Does your solution serve a cause by using VR/AR?

Laval Virtual Awards 2019 Grand Prize

Orbital Views

The Laval Virtual Awards Grand Prize 2019 goes to the French team from Orbital Views with their unique experience, Apollo Moon Operations. By providing an opportunity to relive Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, they won the Grand Jury Prize at the Laval Virtual Awards award ceremony, a prize that recognises the most innovative solution both in terms of content and technique. This collaborative and multiplayer experience thrilled many over the course of the five-day fair.