We look forward to welcoming you to Laval Virtual 2019, the 21st International Exhibition and Conference Program on VR/AR and Immersive Techniques. Don’t miss this chance to showcase your solutions to benefit from a 200+ press member media coverage: written press, web, radio, TV, influencers...

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Laval Virtual 2019 gathers the VR/AR Community in a 3-Days inspiring, State-of-the-Art, BtoB-oriented Exhibition and Conference program in Laval, France.

Meet your clients and future partners. Learn how to master VR/AR technologies or how to integrate Immersive Techniques in your value chain. Peruse inspiring VR/AR Contents and Emerging technologies selected by an International Jury.

From 20 to 24 march 2019, Laval Virtual turns Laval’s Historical City Center into an Epicenter for VR/AR Expertise. Come and enjoy being demonstrating cutting-edge Innovations in iconic and historical Venues in a human-size City located one hour and a half from Paris by bullet-train.


Get in early on new trends in VR/AR and learn what’s happening in the future.
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First time to Laval Virtual? Don’t panic and come and meet the VR/AR community it’s so simple. The different components of the show are within a 5 minutes walking distance in the historical Center of the City of Laval. The city of Laval has been recognized as "Ville d’art et d’Histoire" (city of Art and Hsitory).
It is accessible from Paris by train (70 minutes ride) and from Charles de Gaulle Airport (120 minutes).

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