Laval Virtual

A major facilitator in VR/AR

The mission of Laval Virtual is to serve, inform and animate the community of users of VR/AR and immersive techniques in its BtoB uses through meeting and discussion platforms and information services.

In its 20 years of existence, Laval Virtual has established itself as key facilitator for organisations in the VR/AR sector. It brings together and animates a community of professionals throughout the year, for which it holds shows in Europe and Asia, conference programmes and provides various information services (technological watch, publications, workshop reports, etc.).

Laval Virtual Center

First international Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality hub

The Laval Virtual Center is the epicentre of Mayenne’s commitment to virtual reality. The goal is to turn it into a permanent European hub and an international reference for virtual reality technologies and uses. The Laval Virtual Center takes advantage of its unique location around which higher education establishments, research laboratories, technology platforms and uses of virtual reality gravitate. Primarily, through services for companies: technological watch and sector-specific intelligence, ideation, ongoing training, research & technology, advice & analysis. Secondly, thanks to the expertise of CLARTE, the leading French centre for technology transfer that has specialized in Virtual Reality for 20 years, the Arts et Métiers Engineering Institute and Laval Virtual. Consequently, any company keen to accelerate its projects in Virtual and Augmented Reality can do it at the Laval Virtual Center.

Laval Virtual Europe

Relive the 2019 edition

The 21st Laval Virtual took place from 20th to 24th March 2019 in Laval, Mayenne. Like every year, many innovations were presented at this exhibition that has become a not-to-be-missed event based on virtual and augmented reality in Europe. For this 21st edition, Laval Virtual brought together over 300 exhibitors, almost 150 speakers and 18,000 visitors in a 9,000m2 exhibition space. A total of about fifty nationalities crossed paths during the 5-day show. Rediscover the 21st edition.

Laval Virtual Asia

4th edition from 28th to 30th June 2020

Laval Virtual Asia arose from the vision of two aspirational communities. The People’s Government of Laoshan District, Qingdao on the one hand and the town of Laval (Mayenne, France) on the other. They want to combine their expertise and values through Laval Virtual, an international VR/AR event. Driven by the know-how of the latter, a forerunner in the sector for over 20 years, Qingdao, the city of light, has the desire to become a major player in VR/AR. Indeed, by injecting 500 million euros over 10 years for its development in terms of dedicated real estate, an incubator, support for startups, etc. Qingdao has launched an ambitious investment programme and is banking on the development of the VR/AR market that could reach 80 billion dollars in 2025.

VR Days Europe

6th edition from 4th to 6th November 2020

Stichting Dutch Virtual Reality Days were founded in 2015 in order to stimulate content production, provide a platform for professionals and facilitate knowledge sharing regarding virtual reality in Europe. VR Days brings together creators and many sectors and investors to boost the content creation and activities of this emerging industry. Stichting aims to hold VR Days Europe on a formal basis. It is international in scope and seeks to unlock the potential of the European XR industry on a global level. Laval Virtual has co-organised this event since 2019.

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