See the exhibition from a fresh perspective

Enhance your visit with a guided tour

Be guided by experts in immersive technologies and their uses and take advantage of a customised tour. Individual visitors: Opt for Tech Tours who offer a discovery tour of the show’s latest innovations. Groups and companies: opt for Private Tours, bespoke itineraries planned in advance by our experts tailored to your areas of interest. Ensure you don’t miss a thing and put your mind at rest!

Bespoke tours for your group

Private Tours

Our guides determine in advance the VR/AR players at the show who have developed solutions that match your interests. They will accompany you on bespoke tours and enlighten you as to how these technologies and their uses have evolved. These tours are designed for groups of 15 people. Private tours last 1.5 hours and you avoid queuing.

Latest VR/AR news overview

Tech Tours

Visites guidées pour les professionnels

When you visit the show allow 1.5 hours to discover the latest VR/AR technological innovations with no queuing. Join a group of 15 people led by an expert guide throughout the tour. Only one Tech Tour takes place per day, so don’t miss out - book your place quickly!

Use case conferences

Explore videos of use cases commented by experts

Lasting 1 hour, an expert from Laval Virtual will present immersive technologies use cases in your business sector to better understand the benefits of VR/AR. These recent use cases will enable you to plan the use of immersive technologies in the future. In addition, the expert answers your questions and can put you in contact with service providers.

A programme with 150+ conferences

Take full advantage of the conferences with a Full Pass

Come and listen to VR/AR experts and industrialists, benefit from their knowledge during the conferences. They will tell you about the latest technological and cross-technological developments in Sport, Industry 4.0, Tourism and Heritage, etc. And inform us about uses in the creation of content for VR/AR, health and training.

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