Recognizing Artists

Art&VR Gallery

The Art & VR Gallery presents an international selection of artworks curated by VR/MR artist and researcher Judith Guez.

Illusions, a cross between surprise and wonder, destabilise and amuse. They question our perceptions of everyday reality. We want to explore new artistic forms between real illusion and virtual illusions, through immersion and interaction, questioning our perceptual habits and formulating another conception of the world.

Desired proposals, in the shape of installations between real and virtual, could for example: question the effects of the hybridization of real and virtual; be inspired by real illusions and/or the creation of illusions specific to the virtual; explore the effects of multisensory illusions related to immersion and interaction in a virtual/mixed world; provide moments of digital magic; etc.

Laval Virtual is the largest event dedicated to VR/AR & Immersive Techniques and will be held from 20th to 24th March 2019. Benefit from a full-access pass and a professional hub of activity around art, digital and scientific innovation at Laval Virtual.

Winner Art&VR Gallery 2018

Corps Raccord // Chia-Chi Chiang, Raphaël Isdant

‘Corps Raccord’ situates a couple of visitors in front of two gongs (solar and lunar, yin and yang energy) linked by a virtual rope. For a brief moment, they will have skin-on-skin contact to animate the rope that is a metaphor of this union and whose behaviour changes in tandem with every single movement of the couple. When one of the gongs is hit, a thought expressed by a user of the social network Twitter is released.

Prix "coup de coeur - Pionnier"

7 Alchimies en VR // Julio et Juan Le Parc

The “Virtual Alchemy” project is the result of a partnership between Julio Le Parc and his son Juan Le Parc. The former has been passionately researching virtual reality for 60 years, the 14 colours of the Newtonian spectrum and public interaction. Sept Alchimies en Réalité Virtuelle is their most recent creation.