Laval Virtual

Key facilitator

Since 1999 we have promoted VR/AR and immersive techniques through, among other things, an internationally renowned event: Laval Virtual. Each year the first show of its kind in Europe presents the latest trends in the field of VR/AR and immersive techniques and brings together all VR/AR stakeholders. After 21 years we have amassed a huge community of solution providers, production studios, academics, researchers, VR/AR users, students, etc. There are plenty of opportunities for partnerships during Laval Virtual. Contact our team of specialists today to organise your partnership ahead of Laval Virtual 2020.

  • 18 000 Attendees
  • 9000 Exhibition space
  • 300 Exhibitors
  • 150 Speakers


  Laval Virtual is a meeting place for all those who are interested in virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive techniques. It represents a unique opportunity to network and share with almost 300 exhibitors within an exhibition space spanning 9,000 m².


The conferences at Laval Virtual gather experts and industry leaders illustrating the latest technological innovations and trends that define the future in the field of Virtual Reality.


The Laval Virtual Awards recognise the best projects in virtual or augmented reality that help address industrial, commercial and training issues, as well as promote the most ‘ReVolutionary’ emerging immersive technologies.

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