Laval Virtual

The largest VR/AR exhibition in Europe

For this 22nd edition, the entire VR/AR community will gather in Laval from 22nd to 26th April 2020 to meet and discuss with over 300 exhibitors (startups, industry, etc.) and participate in the inspiring conference programme with 200 speakers. BtoB oriented, Laval Virtual, the 1st European virtual reality and augmented reality show provides an opportunity to present your solutions and position your business as a leader in the field of Immersive Techniques.

Meet all players in the sector

and develop your business

With over twenty years experience, Laval Virtual has established itself as the key facilitator of uses of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) and immersive technologies. The Laval Virtual show is an amazing opportunity to meet all the players as well as users in the sector and to generate leads through professional networking opportunities.

« Laval Virtual is a must-attend event for Microsoft. It is both an opportunity to meet the entire AR VR MR ecosystem in France, but also to exchange with our customers who use these technologies on a daily basis and thus benefit from their feedback. Even with its expansion from year to year and in particular its internationalization, Laval Virtual has maintained its humane and friendly approach which is very pleasant. »
Florent Pelissier
HoloLens & Mixed Reality Product Marketing Manager
« Manus VR has exhibited at Laval Virtual multiple times in the past years and it doesn't dissapoint. It's a well organized event with a true B2B focus. We met many high potential companies coming from our key markets such as automotive, aerospace, engineering and military. Laval Virtual is a valuable event to us and we will definitely be back. »
Marijn BERG
MANUS VR - Head of Marketing
« In 1994, I created Immersion while the industrial applications of virtual reality are still in their infancy. But I am convinced that these solutions will change companies. When a few years later Laval Virtual is created, Immersion was bound to be there. Since 1999, Immersion has been a loyal exhibitor and our experts have been participating in the round tables. We meet our current customers, partners and prospects in both industry and research. »
Christophe Chartier
Immersion - Co-founder and CEO
« It's a super fantastic and a massive event. I was pleasantly surprised with the range of exhibitions and talks. It was very nice to see the different kinds of works - art, student projects, industry - coming together in one big exhibition space. The events planned by Laval Virtual for the participants were very nice too, allowing for good exchange of thoughts and discussions. The Laval Virtual team is great too with wonderful people, who make attending the event all the more nice and fun. »
Harshit Agrawal
Project Author(rise) - Artist and Technologist
« HOLOOH has been invited by Laval Virtual and EDF to the 2018 edition of the exhibition in the Startup area. As newcomer, we were very enthusiastics being identified as innovative creator in AR/VR. Laval Virtual gave us a true opportunity to meet new clients and to expose HOLOOH to the world. All organizational matters were perfect and people in Laval are inspired by an optimistic energy. »
Aymeric Delaroche-Vernet
« We are so proud to have won the 2018 AWARD for the best VR interactive content at LAVAL VIRTUAL, it is awesome for us that professionals are excited by our production of volumetric & photorealistic VR. With the visibility given by this prestigious award, our client PARIS MUSEES once again trusted us to create new immersive experiences in VR. Solicitations are also coming to us to work on new projects; and finally, we will soon announce a collaboration with a large international group on the drafting of a white paper on volumetric capture for interactive VR use. »
Frederic Purgal
Art Of Corner - CEO