Why attend conferences?

Series of inspiring conferences

The conferences at Laval Virtual bring together technology experts and industry leaders. They highlight the latest technological innovations and trends that define the future in the field of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The conferences at Laval Virtual are BtoB oriented and intended for all those who are keen to better understand and master Virtual Reality and immersive technologies, integrate them into their value chain and predict their development. At the last edition, conference participants were able to attend conferences from Microsoft, Magic Leap, Tesla Suit, NASA, Renault, Samsung, VR Voice, Bouygues, Dassault Systèmes, etc.


Sectoral themes

In a dedicated space, come and discover the leaders in industry 4.0, health, sport, agri-food, education and training, culture, tourism and heritage with use cases and trends that will allow you to have an in-depth view of the market. A conference program that covers all aspects of the use of immersive technologies.


Solutions to transversal issues

During the 3 professional days, a series of inspiring conferences with rich and varied themes: Marketing, Sales, Intrastructure, 5G, Storytelling, Perception, IOT, AI and everything that applies to your company and your needs in XR. Discover all cross-functional applications in a dedicated space.


Develop relationships between research and industry

Do you have a scientific profile or are you an industry leader on a mission to push immersive techs from academic research? Don’t worry we have your back with ConVRgence. Discover new papers from worldwide research facilities selected and moderated by well-known scientists.


A Full Pass to access the best of VR/AR

Laval Virtual places great emphasis on conferences in order to constantly inspire, offering a comprehensive programme over several series to professional visitors with a Full Pass. You will find everything you need to know to understand Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in a dedicated space 3 min walk from the exhibition space. The Full Pass gives access to all the conferences, the exhibition space, the Recto VRso Festival and all the networking evenings organised by Laval Virtual.


Conferences to inform companies

Almost 200 speakers will participate to shed light on trends and prospects regarding VR/AR. Three days of conferences divided into three series on sector-based, transversal themes and future visions provide conferences, sharing case uses, scientific papers, etc. The conferences at Laval Virtual include Tech Talks to learn from professionals, pitches by startups to discover the new nuggets in the XR Invest space and a cycle dedicated to digital art, within the framework of the Recto VRso festival.

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